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Me and my friend came up with a genius concept of a game

Posted by Borscht - May 12th, 2021

I came up with a genius concept of a dude that looked like Jesus and so everyone would first think that he is Jesus and he would shoot zombies in Vietnam with anime girl and dinosaur. Then I decided that it would be cool to make it into a game, I told about it to my friends and one of my friends decided to help me, we were not sure what genre it would be, but we came up with idea that it would look like Paper Mario and it would be something like run and gun with stealth and you would aim where you will shoot with a cursor and if something that you're aiming at is behind or in front of you, the cursor will automatically change the depth if the thing that you aiming at isn't far enough, but I think that it would overcomplicate run and gun too much or make stealth too easy and my friend suggested that you would be able to rotate camera like in FEZ and there would be moments where to move you would need to use the fact that character is paper-thin and rotate yourself to go through gaps in walls or between rocks. Recently I thought about gameplay and think that it would be cool to make it beat 'em up with a lot of platforming and a bit of stealth and you would be able to grab a lamp for example and swing on it like in Little Big Planet but when you jump to the other side, you would be able to knock down the enemy that would be nearby and I would keep moments where you need to rotate and use the fact that you are paper-thin and make shooting into some super-punch that you need to charge. We want to make a demo without any budget or learning programming because it probably won't be worth it. When the demo will be finished we will ask a lot of big youtube channels that play games to play our game and if someone will care about our game we will learn to program and make the full game. We tried to make the demo with the Unreal Engine using blueprints, but we didn't make even a half of the basic movement and it was extremely glitchy, so we decided to search for someone that knows how to program and join the team because we don't have money. And here is a poster/how the game should look without UI:



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That sounds like a great idea!You should post this in the ‘Help Wanted’ forums(under Community).

Neat concept, I'm excited to see what comes of it! I'm not very good at 3d game programming so I won't volunteer, but I hope you find someone who can help you!

lol Im excited

This sounds like Super Paper Mario but more and better. i hope this goes well for you!

Sounds like a neat idea! If you need any pencil drawn assets i can make some! Also, i can translate into finnish if needed

Thank you, but i highly doubt that we will need any help with assets.

Yeah, good idea for a game

wait is "dinosaur" a dinosaur or is that just the name of the third character(who is not a dinosaur)?

He is a dinosaur

This sounds cool, I can make music for the game if you need. I make random audio, you can check it out on my account. I've improved a lot over the past few months so this should be good

Looks like we're in the same boat of wanting to make a game and knowing 0 coding! lol

@nikolacode Me too! I’m making a game in Unity and only now Scratch coding and now C#! Also, I don’t have a computer either to top that off! Only a crappy iPad that can barely handle Newgrounds!

@Neentandoo Cool! What kind of game are you developing?

@nikolacode a Newgrounds tribute type game with the main protagonist being a parody of Mario. If you’d like to know more, here’s a BBS link that explains the game in-depth: https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1469239

@Neentandoo Ah, that's quite the interesting character design :)

@nikolacode Thans! As mentioned in the BBS, Meewiiak was the result of a failed attempt of drawing Mario from memory. Hopefully, Nintendo won’t sue me.

@nikolacode Also if you want to, you can make art of Meewiiak that might be featured during the credits of the true ending!

@Neentandoo It's a start! If you want to make it harder to get sued, maybe change up the colors a bit ;)

@nikolacode I’ll make some sort of disclaimer at the very beginning of the game stating that Meewiiak’s a parody and for Nintendo to not sue me for it.

@Neentandoo I'll consider it

@nikolacode Cool! Can’t wait to see it!

interesting, very interesting. if you ever need help with some minor stuff im free, but what were you thinking when you came up with vietnam zombie assassin jesus christ with anime girls and dinosaurs???

i don't know

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